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Northern Lights

Northern Lights 
The natural phenomenon of northern lights (aurora borealis) is created when atoms in the upper atmosphere come in contact with with charged particles from the sun.  Scientists from around the world have come to Churchill to study the northern lights in the active night sky – Churchill is one of the top 3 places on the planet to see them. Learn more about what causes the northern lights.
Northern lights can be viewed in Churchill most of the year, however January, February and March are an ideal time of year to view due to the longer nights and cold weather.  If you are looking to join us during Northern Lights Season, check out some of the guides and potential tours available during that time. 

Northern Lights Tours

Discover Churchill
Email or check out their website.
Frontiers North Adventure 
Phone 1-800-663-9832 or 204-949-2050, email or check out their website.
Great White Bear Tours
Phone 1-866-262-6202 email or check out their website.
Nanuk Operations
Email or check out their website.
North Star Tours
Phone 204-675-2356, email or check out their website.

Sub Arctic Explorers

Email or check out their website