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Services and Shops

Emergency Services


Phone 9-1-1 


Non-Emergency R.C.M.P

Phone 204-675-8821


Polar Bear Alert

Phone 204-675-2327(BEAR) **Only call when you see a bear in town**


Churchill Health Centre (WRHA)

Phone 204-675-8881



Essential Services

Manitoba Hydro


Churchill Health Centre an Operating Division of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  
For general inquiries please call 204-675-8881 or check out their
        Children’s Centre 204-675-8310
        Community Services 204-675-8322
        Medical Clinic 204-675-8316

        Pharmacy 204-675-8331


Town of Churchill

Administrative Services Office 204-675-8871

Public Works and Utilities 204-675-2357

On Call Equipment Operator 204-675-0108 (Emergency only)

On Call Sewer and Water Operator 204-675-0109 (Emergency only)

On Call Animal Catcher 431-232-3647

Complex Security 204-675-0104



Logistics and Freight Services

Arctic Buying Company

Phone 204-415-6389, email or check out their website


Arctic Gateway Group (Shipping on Train Thompson to Churchill)

Arctic Gateway Freight Services Manager Lena Johnson

Phone 204-677-4338, 204-670-4278 or check out their website.


Calm Air Cargo

Phone 204-675-8843 or check out their website.



Phone 204-675-2686 or check out their website



Religious Services

Alliance Church

Phone 204-675-2264


Anglican Church

Phone 204-675-8816


Holy Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church

Phone 204-675-2252



Shops and Retail Services and Artisans

Please contact gift shops directly for hours of operation as they change seasonally.


Arctic Trading Company

Phone 204-675-8804 or check out their website


Belindas Bears and Booties



Churchill BackPorch Music

Phone 204-675-2278


Churchill Entertainment

Email or check out their Facebook page Churchill Entertainment


Churchill Home Building Centre

Phone 204-675-2438 or email.


Fifty Eight North

Phone 1-800-663-9832 ext 881 or check out their website.


Great White Bear Gift Shop 

Email or check out their website.


Itsanitaq Museum

Phone 204-675-2030


Lazy Bear Lodge Gift Shop

Phone 1-204-663-9377, 1-866-687-2327 or email.


Northern Store

Phone 204-675-8891


Polar Inn and Suites Gift Shop

Phone 204-675-8878, email or check out their website.


Rebecca Niedbalkas Whittling Willows

Phone 431-232-3044 or email.


Steacys Art and Cards



Tamarack Foods

Phone 204-675-2006 or email.


Treeline Harvest

Phone 204-391-4315 or email.


Wapusk General Store (Wapsuk Adventures)

Phone 204-675-2887 or check out their website.




Calm Air

Phone 204-675-8858, toll free 1-800-839-2256 or check out their website.

North Coast Taxi Company

Phone 204-675-2345 or check out their website.


Tamarack Rentals*

Phone: 204-675-2192 or check out their website.


Via Rail Located within the Parks Canada Visitor Centre.  Open on train days near arrival and departure times.

Phone 204-675-2149


*Other vehicle rental options may be available; however, it is your responsibility to verify that you are properly insured by checking the coverage on the registration card when you rent a vehicle.


If you are seeking group transportation options within Town, please contact one of the tour providers.




Other Services and Organizations

Audio Churchill

Phone 431-232-3187


Canada Post

Phone 204-675-2696


Churchill Chamber of Commerce

Email or check out their website


Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Phone 204-675-2307 or check out their website.


Daniel Raiti Photography

Phone 204-670-2812 or email.


Hyskas Insurance

Phone 204-675-8829 or email.


Klassen Exercise
Phone 204-290-5711, email or check out their website.


Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development

Phone 204-675-8897 or check out their website.


Mervs Excavating

Phone 204-675-2460 or email.


O’Conner Services 

Phone 204-675-2227 or check out their website.


Polar Bears International

Email or check out their website.


Parks Canada

Phone: 204-675-8863, email or check out their website.


PNC Parks North Inc

Phone 431-232-3333 or email.


Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Phone 204-675-5161 or 204-675-8894


Royal Canadian Legion

Phone 204-675-2272


Taiga Electric

Phone 204-675-0081 or email.


Tamarack Interiors Ltd.

Phone 204-675-2006 or email.


Training to Employment (T2E)

Project Coordinator – Phone 204-675-0305 or email

Employment Support Worker – Phone 204-675-8040 or email 

Transport Canada

Churchill Airport 204-675-8868