Waste Management

Environmental stewardship is a priority of the Town of Churchill, this is accomplished with the help of our waste and recycling collection. We work hard to provide effective and efficient services that help manage waste in a way that takes into account environmental concerns as well as wildlife management. To do this, some of our waste and recycling solutions are unique. Transportation is often costly and we must ensure that recycling costs are taken into account. We cannot recycle some items which require costly transport such as cardboard, we also have bear-proof waste and recycling containers wherever possible, and we have more frequent waste collection than is usual in other urban situations.

Our waste and recycling transfer station at "L5" is also unique as it stores items until there is sufficient quantity to be efficiently disposed of. In addition to storing the community's household waste, L5 also contains household hazardous (paint, cleaning solutions, etc.)  and electronic waste area as well as a used oil recycling depot.

L5 Waste Transfer Station is currently open at all hours however this will soon change to scheduled hours to ensure the Town comes into line with applicable Provincial policy. This will also mean an attendant will be present to ensure your waste is disposed of in the appropriate area(s).

We will soon reopen our "REUSE" area at L5 but in the meantime we would encourage residents to consider the online Churchill swap and shop.

To accomplish our waste management goals, we require the community's assistance. To help us, help you please:

  • Use dark bags for garbage so they can be easily seen
  • Use blue bags for recycling.  Other bags may be difficult to see, and break more easily causing additional and unnecessary cleanup. If your recycling is not in a blue bag it may not be picked up.
  • Respect roadside pickup times.  It costs time and resources to do special pick ups. If your waste was not picked up, you can take it to one of the bear proof containers in town as we will not be able to do additional pick-ups.

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